Would You Change WHERE You Shop If You Were Paid Money To Switch Stores?

For 22 Years We Have Been Paid To Use The Products and Share Our Experience.

If You Want Paid For Your Shopping, Contact Me, Kurt Gross at 865 466 9207   kurtray@gmail.com

We Are Customers and IBOs In Amway Because We Love The Products.   And, If You Choose To, You Can Build A Very Nice Income Sharing Your Product Knowledge With Others.  No Meetings To Attend. No Tools To Buy! No Minimum Purchases To Make. There Are ZERO Requirements! No 'Gotcha's!

Business Builders:

We are building a team of people who work together and are focused on building an Income Producing Business. We are committed to YOUR success unlike the internet MLM recruiters out there and we have a Business That Makes Sense And Works!  To Succeed, We Simply Change "Where We Buy" Some Of Our Products & Share The Opportunity With Others!

I have looked at dozens of different opportunities over the last 22 years and nothing even comes close to this opportunity. As a matter of fact, you end up spending much more than you ever make in those crazy deals!   I did learn a lot of important lessons which we all need to learn so we can achieve our goals.   The fact is it takes the same work to build any business no matter what the internet Guru tells you.   By the way, what they tell you is usually a pack of lies designed to pick your wallet clean.  Knowing this to be true you can now ask yourself, doesn't it make more sense to simply replace where you're buying some of your everyday products?   That's where Amway made sense to me!

Change Where you buy not What you buy".   I'm not spending any "New Money" plus I'm getting better products at fair prices and I'm building an income!   It just makes good old common sense unlike most of the deals out there!   We all have to go down our own roads in life to find the right thing. If you examine Amway, I believe you'll find it is the right thing.

Let's Get Your Account Set Up Today:

It's simple to get registered.   You can register as a Customer at no cost or as an IBO for $50/year membership. There are no minimum purchases and no obligations. Shop when you want and only for what you want.   Again, you aren't asked to buy anything you're not already buying! By buying some of your everyday products from your business, you have an opportunity to turn what used to be your household expenses into extra income for you and your family. It makes so much sense to do that in today's economy.

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My name is Kurt Gross. For 22 years I have been getting paid to endorse products and to refer people to those products which make a
positive difference in their lives. For doing this, I am rewarded financially based on the customer volume that results. During that time
I have learned to help people succeed and that includes knowing that I don't try to sell my opportunity. If you are looking and I can
willing to work, our team can help you. If you need convinced or pushed, you are not a match for our team. I promise to respect your wants.
give you the knowledge and the tools to build a successful online business. Contact me after watching the videos here and let's talk
to see if we can work together. No bull, just a straight honest conversation.

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